This is the type of progress that can be expected in your first 5 to 12 weeks of personal training with me! Providing you follow your specific training programs and nutrition guide. These are real people with real results and without any supplements being used.

Client Testimonials


The relationship between a client and a personal trainer is a unique one. You need to have 100% confidence in their ability and discretion while knowing they will pay individual attention to your needs.

Since working with Brian I look leaner and I’ve lost almost a stone and a half in weight. I’ve dropped a dress size and most importantly I’ve reached a level of confidence that wouldn’t have been possible on my own.

Brian has helped me change my relationship with food and given me a whole wealth of knowledge about training. What Brian doesn’t know about the body, muscle groups and nutrition isn’t worth knowing!

In each review I recall my goals and we discuss my nutrition, training and sleep over the past 4 weeks. His skills and expert knowledge are second to none. He is a constant motivation for me as I work, train and eat through the week. Training has become enjoyable when it used to be a bore. He has given me quick yet sustainable results that are maintable for life.

Brian is friendly, supportive and professional while treating you and your goals with respect and individual attention.


Brian has so much knowledge and attention to detail which really helps me to understand the process. He also knows a solution to when lifes challenges get in the way! He always seems to know how much to push me to get the best out of me.

I would never have dreamt I would be lifting the weights I am now! And I still can’t believe how much of a buzz I get from lifting weights, which I only thought was possible from running.

I couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer and I couldn’t imagine training with anyone else.

Happy with results would be an understatement.


When I started personal training with Brian I needed medication to control my blood pressure. With a few changes to my nutrition and regularly training with Brian I’m now fitter and healthier than ever.

We started very gradually at first and did a lot of resistence training with very little cardio which I enjoyed.

Every month Brian would assess my progress and as soon as my blood pressure had reduced he upped the intensity. The sessions were always hard work but always fun.

Personal training with Brian has been the best investment I’ve made in a long time.

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