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“Our bodies are the most precious thing we control. It will respond to effective training and it will adapt. We have to look after it though! I recommend 2-3 resistence sessions a week and to eat whole natural foods. If you can apply these 2 rules you will age gracefully”

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Having grown up in Hull, my interest in fitness started at an early age (13) as a junior athlete. As a boy I played rugby league at West Hull RLFC and I also represented Humberside Schools (Athletics) where I competed regulary at a national level. Sport has always been a big part of my life and when ever I’ve felt down just doing something physical as always picked me up. I believe that exercise is medicine and if we’re not regularly exercising then we are denying our bodies what it needs to flourish.




I spent over 23 years in the Army, and I’ve been to some of the most hostlie environments the world has to offer. No matter how busy I’ve been I’ve always managed to keep myself in good shape. The ability to train and perform at a consistently high level has only been possible through understanding how the body responds to training. I’ve always had a strong focus on recovery and nutrition and this has helped me continue to remain fit. Due to living such an active lifestyle I was always destined to become a personal trainer. I’ve got an insatiable passion to pass on what I know having accumulated over 25 years of training experience. Although I gained a level 3 diploma in personal training I’ve probably learnt more from my own mistakes than any course or book I’ve read. I always love a challenge and I get great satisfaction when my clients grow in confidence and ability whilst working towards their health and fitness goals.


Having trained hundreds of clients ranging in ages from teenagers to late seventies, with all achieving fantastic results. I know that anyone and everyone can benefit from good coaching and personal training, which is what I offer.


Having a wealth of training and life experience has set me apart from other personal trainers. I’m always learning and evolving and I regularly attend courses and seminars to improve my skills. Last year, I competed in my first natural bodybuilding competition with the Natural Physique association. Competing taught me a lot about my own body and mind-set and it’s enabled me to understand what people go through when extreme dieting. I’m of the oppinion now that competing is not for everyone because it’s not just physically demanding but it can be extremely tough mentally too. I’d advise that anyone who’s had any form of eating disorder or mental health problems do not attempt it unless they have the very best support available including any previous professional help. I actually enjoyed the process and It’s something I’ll do again.


A realistic approach


I believe in moving well before moving more! A clients journey always starts with a thorough posture and movement assessment. Every clients exercise program is specifically tailored to their abilities and goals. I’ve done courses in movement and posture screening and corrective exercise programming. This has enabled me to help some clients with injury rehabilitation. Personally I’m very experienecd in the rehab for anterior cruciate ligament replacement surgery having fully recovered from 3 replacement surgeries my self.  Knee health is definitely one of my strengths.  When it comes to nutrition I’ll always advise what can be implemented into your day to day life. Hopefully it will be enjoyable and you’ll definately like the results.


The holistic approach I use should help you to make long lasting changes rather than it just being a short-term fix.

If you would like to train with me or if you have any questions about the services I provide then please get in touch.

“Experience can not be taught in a classroom or stolen it has to be lived”

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